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Tour lasts approx. 10 hours.

The Amalfi Coast needs to be seen from the sea, that’s for sure!  The sight of the tiny houses perfectly built with great care one on the other, perched on the sides of those breathtaking mountains which slope down to the sea will remain in one’s memory for ever.

It’s hard to imagine a better place where in one single snapshot all the Mediterranean’s beauty is to be found, with the little white villages, one after another, contributing to the uniqueness of the Sorrentine Peninsula which, on its southern side, opens up into the Bay of Salerno.

Wonder and astonishment: if anyone doesn’t feel these emotions it’s probably because they’re unable to be moved at all by beauty. It’s impossible not to feel overwhelmed in front of such a perfect combination of  natural creation and human artistry. The scenery alone is outstanding!

Our tour will give you an unforgettable day admiring the sheer beauty of the Coastline.

The tour will be led by an authorized local tour guide.

h 07.30     Shuttle bus from hotel*

h 08.35     Departure from Sorrento’s port

h 09.10     Arrival in Positano, shopping time

h 11.00     Departure from Positano to  Amalfi

h 11.30     Arrival in Amalfi and shuttle bus to Ravello

h 12.15     Visit of Ravello

h 13.45     Departure from Ravello in shuttle bus

h 14.30     Arrival in Amalfi, visit of the Cathedral and walking tour

h 16.35     Departure to Sorrento

h 17.30     Arrival in Sorrento and shuttle bus for the hotels.

*Shuttle bus pick up is free for the hotels located in Sorrento. An extra fee will be added for all other hotels.