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AlilauroGruson S.p.A. (hereinafter, “The Company”) issues this Service Charter to define the scope and standards of its commitment towards all Customers.  The Service Charter is to be considered the reference point for all relations between The Company and its Customers.

I.  Fundamental Principles

The Company, in supplying  sea transport services, guarantees to maintain all the following principles: 

Equality and fairness

The Company provides sea transport services based on principles of equality of the rights of its Customers, without distinction of gender, race, language, religion and political views.

The Company guarantees equality of treatment and accessibility to services without any distinction of different categories or groups of Customers

The Company guarantees to behave in a objective, equal and fair manner towards all its Customers.


The Company guarantees its Customers a continuous service, which is to be regular and without interruptions, unless caused by force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances or those beyond its control and not attributable to the Company.

In the case of any irregularity or malfunction in the supply of sea transport  for reasons attributable to the Company, all measures of information and protection of passengers will be adopted, as described below, in order to  cause as little disruption as possible.


The Company provides sea transport services and guarantees efficiency and effectiveness.

All  Company’s personnel which has  direct contact with Customers either wears uniform or an identification badge which makes them easily recognisable.

The Company’s personnel is committed to providing professional and courteous behaviour towards its passengers, aimed at establishing a reciprocal relationship of trust and cooperation.


II. Quality aspects of the services provided

The Company has identified a number of particularly important aspects which guarantee its Customers an excellent quality of service.

These include regularity and punctuality, safety and comfort, information and helpfulness of personnel, assistance for passengers with special needs and respect for  the environment.

With reference to each of these aspects, the Company guarantees high standards of quality, according to the following framework:

Factors / Indicators of quality




Customer Information

The services on the Company’s routes are carried out on the dates and at the times  shown on the relevant timetables issued by the Company and shown on its website, at the ticket offices and on the arrival and departure docks.

The Company guarantees to supply a continuous, regular, punctual service without interruptions, except for delays and interruptions due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control.

In the case of irregular working or interruption of services due to force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances, or other circumstances beyond the Company’s control, the Company will inform the Customers, publishing on its website or by signs put up at the ticket offices and docks, using all information means possible in order to cause as little disruption as possible to its Customers.

The Company will use the same means of information in the case of the Company’s own inability to provide services.  In this case the Company guarantees the Customer that he will be able to use the same ticket for the same route within seven days following the cancellation or that he will be able to obtain a refund of ticket, following a written request (with a copy of the ticket) to be presented to one of the Company’s ticket offices within seven days.

Safety - Comfort

A fundamentally important characteristic of the services provided by the Company is the safety and wellbeing of its passengers

In order to guarantee this goal, the Company carries out regular maintenance of the vessels by highly specialised personnel.

The Company also guarantees a high level of comfort on board its vessels.

On all the Company’s vessels routine cleaning is carried out daily and general cleaning is carried out once a week.  Where possible the vessels are fitted out with airconditioning.

The Company trains its personnel to high levels of professionality, courtesy and respect towards the passengers.

The personnel is available to provide information and explanations regarding all services provided by the Company.

Particular attention is paid to assistance for expectant mothers, elderly passengers and for all those with reduced physical abilities.

Expectant mothers, elderly passengers and all those with reduced physical abilities are guaranteed priority boarding.  Company personnel will accompany these passengers to their seats and provide assistance during the journey and on disembarking.

Respect for the environment

The Company’s vessels are built and maintained in compliance with current environmental protection legislation.

III.  Monitoring of  standards

In order to evaluate the quality of the services provided and maintain a high standard of quality, the Company carries out checks and quality control monitoring by asking Customers their opinions on the quality and efficiency of the services.

The Company periodically asks Customers to fill in a questionnaire which is evaluated on a points system for each individual factor/indicator of quality described above and an overall evaluation of the services provided.

The questionnaire is a form similar to the one shown below:

Factors / indicators of Quality

Points (from 1 to 5)



Customer Information




Assistance for expectant mothers, elderly passengers and for all those with reduced physical abilities

Respect for the environment

Overall evaluation

IV. Rights and duties of the passengers 

When a ticket is bought, the Customer and the Company enter into a contractual relationship with reciprocal rights and duties.

The principle rights of the passengers are:

A continuous and reliable service, a safe and tranquil voyage.

Punctuality: The timetables showing arrivals and departures will be respected at all times;

Information will be available regarding routes served, dates available and timetables;

Information will be available regarding tickets and relevant prices, as well as clear information regarding any disruptions to the service;

Reuse of tickets or refunds within seven days of cancellation will be possible if it was due to the Company’s own inability to provide services;

Limitation of waiting times necessary for embarkation and disembarkation;

Cleanliness of vessels;

Guarantee that no-smoking regulations will be observed.

Easy access to complaint procedures and the right to receive a prompt reply to any eventual complaint.

The principle duties of passengers are the following:

To have a correctly endorsed ticket

To occupy one seat per ticket

Not to dirty or damage the vessels

To observe the smoking ban on all vessels

Not to occupy seats reserved for expectant mothers, the elderly or the disabled

Not to disturb other passengers

Not to transport harmful or dangerous objects

Not to use alarm signals or other emergency devices in an improper manner

Not to compromise in any way the safety or standards of service provided

V. Customer Care Services, complaints and refunds

To obtain information regarding the services provided by The Company or to present complaints regarding the quality of the services, the Customer may:

-              Go to the Company’s offices, from 08.00 to 18.00 at the following address:

AlilauroGruson S.p.A. - Piazza Marinai d’Italia – Ticket office at the Port of Sorrento


-              Telephone the Company’s Customer Care Services at 081.878.14.30:

-              Write to the Company’s email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or fill in the complaint form in the section “Customer Care” on the Company’s website: www.alilaurogruson.it

The Company guarantees that it will reply to any complaints received from Customers immediately where possible.

In the case of the Company’s own inability to provide a service, the Company guarantees the Customer that he will be able to use the same ticket for the same route within seven days following the cancellation.  The Customer must go to the ticket office so that a new ticket can be issued without any additional cost.

If the Customer, however, wants to obtain a full refund of the ticket, then he must present a written request (with a copy of the ticket) at one of the Company’s ticket offices within seven days.  The Company, AlilauroGruson S.p.A., guarantees that it will refund the ticket within 15 working days after the presentation of the request.