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Company profile

The Shipyard was founded in 1933 as Cantiere Navale Giuseppe FerboS.a.S. which built and maintained wooden boats. In 1946, after the war, the Company changed its name to Cantiere Navale Giuseppe Ferbo & Figli switching to the maintenance of wooden and metal vessels.

In 1979 it became part of Tecnaval srl which in 1986 joined with Cantieri Navali Ferbex srl.  In 1997 the workers, in perfect continuity with the shipbuilding tradition, got together and formed a cooperative which took over the Shipyard and then became Cooperativa Cantieri Navali Megaride.

In 2014, in order to tackle the new challenges of an ever more competitive and evolved market, the Shipyard, also thanks to new partners, mastered new skills focusing on its experience and know how. The shipyard is now able to build and repair vessels  better than ever before, beneficiary of a ancient traditions and modern skills.

Vessels up to 2500 TSL, major maintenance and transformation of ferries, rafts, dredgers and tankers have been completed in the Shipyard, a 13.500m2  state-owned area, of which 3.000 m2 is covered, 7000 m2 uncovered and with a 3500 m2 stretch of water, which has a fully equipped dock capable of  mooring operating ships and a drydock (1700 ton.)

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Our departments


Mechanical Engineering              

Mechanical  structures which includes turning, boring, planing, grinding, polishing and drilling machines. Operates with any kind of engine, transmissions, axles, mechanical devices. Production and reproduction of mechanical parts made of metal or other special alloys, high precision mechanical coupling.


Over 20 specialized carpenters are available for the manufacturing of metal sheets in steel or aluminium, production or restoration of vessels of any kind. Curving, calendaring, cutting, bending, assembling of metal sheets with thicknesses from  2 to 20mm.


More than 12 specialised welders, certified for welding on steel and aluminium (electrodes, continuous wire, ergal), and mostly qualified directly with ABS.


Spray and brush painting after preparation of surfaces with sandblasting and polishing.Only the best products are used,  strictly following each individual  producers suggested procedures.


The best woodworkers and shipwrights are available for work that ranges from the building of heavy carpentry, decks and boards to the precision production required for interior design. A wide  variety  of woods are used, finished and prefinished, seasoned and certified.

Hauling and manoeuvres

Traditional haulings are possible thanks to two big winches able to tow up to 80mt long crafts. Every area of the shipyard can be reached with forklift trucks and by two tower cranes with a 10 ton payload each. Two 20 ton each overhead travelling cranes are also available In the entire over 800m2 warehouse.

The Dry dock

The floating Dry dock named “SPARTACUS” is positioned right in the heart of the Shipyard.

Taken over by Bacini Napoletani srl, it is going through a complete restyling to increase its efficiency and supply further services to the vessels. On either side, multiple stretches of water are suitable for pre-hauling  and post-hauling.

Services offered:

  • Meeting-rooms with Internet Access and Fax

    Warehouse and spare part deposits


    Documentation and authorizations with Public Administrations


    Professional project-consulting


    Private and reserved spaces for the storage of equipment and other materials.


    Pressure-washers, vacuum cleaners,  polishing machines, etc.


    Recovery and disposal of solid and special liquid waste




    Crew shuttle service


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Compagnia Cantieri Napoletani Spa

Registered Office: Calata Marinella - Interno Porto 80133 - Napoli
Tel. 081 5630036 - 081 5546037
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.